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On Title Tags June 12, 2007

Posted by seonotes in SE Rankings.

The Title tag wins your rankings, as they say it’s still the undisputed and ever consistent factor in search engine rankings. It really takes skill and ability to achieve that rare blend of an optimized title and a title that invites your lookers to bookmark your website, in other words excellent branding or site recall. Take a look at some SEOnotes regarding meta titles.

1. Keyphrase | keyphrase | Company Name

– maintained same level of ranking, increased visibility for more search terms, quite low CTR

2. Keyphrase Company Name Keyphrase

– confused the reader all through out! (joke! That’s just a guess for that very low CTR). Achieved good rankings, however. That makes me wonder if special characters really hurt you.

3. Keyword + in + Keyword | Company Name

– Uhm… medium ranks, looks quite amateur for me though (IMO only). Still works for CTR, site usability.

4. Company Name: Keyphrase

– Nice for the index page. It lets people see what your site is all about. Good CTR. Good for branding. Rankings would need more link building.

5. Keyphrase: Company Name

I use this pattern for the inner pages of the site. It says more about what the page is all about.

The recommended 65-character title tag and your 150-character description should contain the same keywords, and should be both cater to search engines and the actual target audience – if your goal is conversion, and not just mere traffic.

Look up: SEOmoz Best Practice for Title Tags.



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