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Link Building with your Blog June 14, 2007

Posted by seonotes in Link Building, Social Media Marketing.

So you have a website. It offers fresh helpful content for your target audience. It passes the usability test and ranks well in your chosen keywords. As a benefit of good rankings, you get considerable traffic for the website.

Fast forward…

After a few months, you discover more and more websites are coming to topple you off Google’s search page results (SERPs). Your competitors are taking over you. It seems that they’re way past ahead of you in terms of quality and number of inbound links (links going to their website). Significant traffic, it was… and now it dwindles into few and few visitors. What happened?

Static, non-interactive websites often find themselves in this dilemma. When there is no direct contact with your visitors, when your content (although new), does not reach those not familiar with your URL (meaning there are no new visitors to catch), the most probable result would be the decrease in traffic and the overtake of new sites in the SERPs (because some sites have gained more links than you).

Then try blogging.

Blogging, just like most social media sites, contribute to better visibility in the search engines. Even if you don’t hit that top spot, you have more chances of saturating the search page results when you have more (blog) pages talking about your topic (which most probably will include your keyword).

The best part is, a blog is interactive. People can comment on what you say. A blog is somewhat a more intimate,down-to-earth, or at some level personal side of your content. Your website publishes the facts and information. The blog can be some sort of a reactionary narrative of the implications of your topic. Thus, commenting is possible. And did I say you can also blog-hop and comment to other people’s blog as well? That way, they’ll link you back.

Well if you feel that your blog isn’t meant for reader’s comments, then the next venture is hitting the social bookmarking sites! Yeah go and digg, declare you’ve reddit, or say it’s del.icio.us! And there are more out there for you to conquer. You can simply place the URL of your blog topic content in these sites, or get your RSS feed spread all over the web through the help of feed submission sites.

If you really want it to be even more interactive, and at the same time getting baseline data of people’s response to your offer, go into forums and social networking sites. Check out what they think about your topic and that’ll probably say if yours is a promising field.

The Link Building Requirements:

  • Your blog and blog entries should have a link (anchored text looks more contextual and helpful) going to your original website.
  • Always link back to your blog wherever your go (i.e. social media sites, social networking sites, forums, etc.)

The Results:

You get improved traffic

You may get people bookmarking or linking back to your blog (or even your website)

You may or may not improve your rankings, but visibility will do the job for you.

Last, you’ve link-built for your website through the help of that blog.



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