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Why A Business Website Fails August 1, 2007

Posted by seonotes in Search Engine Marketing.

Websites of various businesses fail for many reasons, it may be lack of search engine optimization, unattractive web design, or some lousy web copy. But the most often overlooked aspect of website owners selling online is the call-to-action link.

A lot of websites show off great call-to-action buttons. They can be attractive to the eye of the visitor. However this does not guarantee sucess for a business website. Some notes about call to action buttons and links:

1. Make use of Google Analytics’ Site Overlay. This tool is fundamental in testing which position of your call to action button is most prominent to the eye, and most promising for clicks as well. Site Overlay tool (at Google Analytics, click on Content, then check out the link named Site Overlay) displays your web page and each of its links. The links have a corresponding click meter that shows how many clicks the link got. This is useful when you want to experiment various layout positions for your click to action button. 

Google Analytics Site Overlay Tool 

 2.Call to action LINKS. Some people just don’t go straight clicking on navigation bars and call to action buttons. Yes, there are several skeptics out there that wishes to know and read more about your product or service first before clicking on a button. This is where call to action links embedded in your paragraph content is most necessary. Some people read first. Your duty is to take on that lead until you convince them that it’s time to click on that, “Product Details here…” or “Reserve Now”.

3. Anchor text links. Make relevant words act as call to action links. Words or phrases in your paragraph like “affordable hp Printer” can be call to action links. People normally follow anything in blue and underlined since 1: these register to mind as links, and 2: your product is the subject of your content, thus it is the most interesting stuff your visitor is looking for. Again, Site Overlay tool is excellent to be of use.

Remember: Your goal is conversion, whether that is email/newsletter subscription, sign-ups, or sales. And call to action links and buttons are the keys to these. Placement of your call to action comes up as a major factor for the success and failure of a business website.



1. Microdesign webdesign - September 6, 2007

Googls overlay rocks really. i use it daily

2. Pay-per-click: Fresh Tips for Fresh Newbies « SEOnotes - February 13, 2008

[…] Call-to-action buttons or links must be prominently displayed on the upper left part of the landing page. People read from left to […]

3. Daniel - January 15, 2009

I’m using the http://www.ClickMeter.com free tool to have the evidence of what click convert more.

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