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Top Ways to Get to Your Target Market August 22, 2007

Posted by seonotes in marketing, Search Engine Marketing.

Every webmaster of an Adsense site has one main goal – it’s to profit from conversion. And there is only 1 secret in achieving the goal – traffic.

It is a given fact in the search engine marketing world that the most profitable Adsense sites cater to the aged and non-techie market. These people don’t mind exploring on links without having to think if these are paid or not. They’re after the information they need. Now the question is, how do you get to them? If traffic is the means to conversion, here are the means to traffic:

1. Blog and allow comments

Let your site be interactive where people can feel at ease and involved. That way, they’ll be coming back to your site

2. Try your best to rank on the first page of search engines

Since most people who have less of the tech-savvy side are more prone to just looking at the first page of Google and other search engines, you should aim to be part of the prime list of the first page. This has been the very essence of search engine optimization through the years.

3. Be picky in joining social networks. Choose those were the fishes are.

Although there are so many people of all age range joining social networks, you have to do your research and observation of where they usually make profiles of themselves. This way you’d be saving time and energy in making bulletin announcements and making friends.

4. Join forums where they can be found

Almost all sorts of niche has its own forum. Choose where your topic is god, and observe if the treasure (target market) can be found there. You’d have to check who are actively participating.

5. Share your content

In most social content sites, networking using relevant tags to your topic can be done. Utilize this by saving other people’s posts and then sharing what you have to say. Exchange bookmarks, in other words.

In any niche marketing venture, the most important task is to position yourself where the target market is most abundant. You save on time and effort. You gain in conversion.



1. Microdesign webdesign - September 6, 2007

Thanks for the tips hey!

2. Dallas Web Builders - September 23, 2007

is trhis way practicaly accepted?

3. seonotes - September 24, 2007

Why not? It’s legitimate traffic generation.

4. Brian Terry - October 24, 2007

Those are great 5 tips on getting in front of your target market. I particularly like being picky about which social networks to participate in as this can be so time consuming.

Can I add a 6th tip? (It might also fall within tip 5)

This one is simply writing comments on other people’s blogs in your chosen niche market, just as I’m doing here 🙂

The simplest way to do this is to go to http://wordpress.com/tags/ and search there for blogs in your niche market there.

5. Justin Baden - March 5, 2008

Is the 6th tip bordering on spamming? I understand the premise, but it seems like it could be considered spamming.

Long-tails and focusing on Niches specifically seems to be the song of the marketer today as well. Just a couple days ago, another program call Niche Annihilation Method “launched”. I have never heard of the author, but doing some searching, I came across this site of this guy doing an experiment with the program. It is at:

And, I am wondering if this guy has not stumbled upon a new way to sort of promote virally doing this experiment thingy.

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