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Building Relevance for SEO October 16, 2007

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After the Philippine SEMCON 2007, it has become more pronounced that Web 2.0 is all about relevancy. As Aaron Wall puts it in his keynote address, relevancy has been the name of the game in today’s search engine marketing game. This is proven true by the various blogs, Technorati pages, and forum posts that crawl up the search listings for the hottest key phrases. This is the reason why CMS (or blog-software-like templates), social media marketing, and all forms of buzz marketing have been playing essential roles in marketing online. The challenge is to build relevancy.

But how does one become relevant?

1. Specify the target audience and conquer the space where they actually read. SEO practitioners are well-bombarded by all sorts of social networks and bookmarking sites that they forget the essence of it all – to connect with your audience. So be picky in joining groups and registering in sites. Have a feel of the people participating in a particular social media site before creating yet another account.

2. Build interest for your product or service. Don’t just sell on what you’ve got. Don’t forget that people visit a particular site not because of a product, but primarily because of an interest. Capitalize on that by having blogs or bloggers write about what’s interesting in your product/service or topic to offer.

3. Meet the right people offline. Yes, socialize offline. Shake hands with the right people. It will always be necessary to be in personal contact with people who are interested in your subject. That way, you truly build relevancy.

Aaron Wall is right in saying that search engines follow what people follow. It is not easy to rank for trophy keywords, but it is easier to build relevancy by catering more to the “human” side of search engine optimization.



1. Online Marketing Solutions - December 14, 2007

I havent tried catering to the “human” side of search engine optimization, the closest that i have done so far is contacting then tru their email.
But looking it in a webmasters point of view, sure does it will build trust and interest meeting the people behind the website.

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