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Pay-per-click: Fresh Tips for Fresh Newbies February 13, 2008

Posted by seonotes in Pay Per Click.

So you’re new in pay-per-click (PPC for short)? Here are quick, simple, and note-worthy tips you can implement in your latest earn-online-project:

Note: This is purely for Google Adwords – as it is the widest used paid campaign program in the Web.

1. There are 3 important factors to consider: your keywords, ad copy/ad text, and your landing page. Make sure these 3 are closely relevant to each other. Target keywords must be aligned with your ad text. Tip: If possible, have your keyword appear in the Title using {Keyword:Your Company}.

2. Best Practice: Keywords appear as headings in your landing page

3. Call-to-action buttons or links must be prominently displayed on the upper left part of the landing page. People read from left to right.

4. Keywords using your actual product name or service convert best. On very specific product names, traffic or number of clicks depends more on off line promotions, and the level at which you introduce and market your product online.

5. Conversion page should not be less than 1 click away from the landing page.

6. Long-tail keywords on PPC drive the most number of traffic – the individual demand for each keyword in long tail phrases, when taken the sum of all these result to greater traffic

7. Make sure that your target keyword matches the text (or is relevant to the text) of the ad copy.

8. Keep track of your keywords that get the most traffic, and keywords that get the best conversion. If the list isn’t alike, trickle down how you can make the highly demanded keywords to be converting.

9. In relation to #8: If all else fails and you’re spending too much, might as well pause that keyword.

10. It’s always good to partner your PPC campaign with a website that appears in the organic/natural listing (right hand side of Google’s page). Make sure to track it (i.e. Google Analytics). That way you can track the actual searches made by your target visitors that land on your non-PPC website.

PPC allows one to see the results more immediately than organic SEO. It’s better that you do it right the first time. Then learn as you go along the way.



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