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How to Play the Search Marketing Game by Rajeev Bala of ASEAN Media Contacts September 10, 2008

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This one from yesterday’s presentation – this is a Quantitative Approach to Search Engine Marketing. As much as I hate numbers, SEO/SEM involves a lot of numerics and stats. Here are some of the nuggets of his report:

Search Marketing is Relevancy Marketing

It’s not only about keyword research, it’s about relevancy… all about being relevant

Post relevant content for the consumers

Relevancy is highly correlated to media cost (new media): more relevant, less cost

Dynamic Pages

a database driven site, with data and Metadata being stored in a database

URL Re-writing based on Intent State – recommended and liked by Spiders

Maximizes relevancy between Intent State and Content of Page

The Holy Google Equation

IS (actual) + IS (Lost QS) + IS (Lost Budget) =

To tell you honestly, I didn’t get his exact point in this presentation. Tehehe!

How do you quantitavely measure relevance, then?



1. Rajeev Bala - September 12, 2008

Hi there – i didnt get to meet you, but lets get in touch and explore joint opportunities in the SEO space. Regards, Rajeev Bala, MC ASEAN

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