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Affiliate Marketing Best Practices by Anders Barris of Asia Century September 10, 2008

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Affiliate Marketing can be for generating more sales. It’s great for branding, too. You can also use affiliate marketing to generate leads to sell your product offline.

How do you do Affiliate Marketing?

  • The idea is to get blogs and websites to do the online advertising for you – and you only pay them when you earn. You just need a great tracking system!
  • These websites can run banners, send email blasts, and do write ups and promote your product, service, or brand to all their users.
  • Using affiliate software everything can be tracked.
  • You can use an in-house affiliate program, or use an Affiliate Network company.

Why will others promote?

  • Bloggers/website owners rely on affiliate networks to provide them with revenue

Campaigns can be run as:

  • CPM – cost per thousand impressions
  • CPC – with IP blocking and only counting unique clicks
  • CPA/CPL – cost per action or lead

On the advertisers and bloggers/ view – it’s best to run on CPC and CPA. You can be more creative and do write ups, email blasts and use other ways to promote products as long as guidelines are observed.

  • Sometimes, text content links embedded in articles are more effective than banner ads.
  • Offer some good content in a weekly email blas to your subscribers. The larger userbase and more visitors you have, the more you can earn from using affiloiate marketing

* Email blasts for digital cameras have high mail opening rates!

Mr. Anders discusses samples of affiliate programs like account sign-ups for lead generation, sales pitches, and game industry affiliate programs.

* Do you know that most people play/sign up in game websites during office hours using their company email addresses!