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Domaining: Domain Monetization by Emil Avancena of DotPh September 10, 2008

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The purpose of domain names, and how to make the most of it are what this presentation is all about. Read how your online real estate address impact your business, and how you can earn from selling/buying domains 🙂


  • what’s a good domain name worth to your company? Simple – it’s your BRAND
  • the choice of a domain name is an impt decision – a MARKETING decision.

Criteria for choosing a domain name:

  • Shorter is better – easier recall and easier to type
  • Most .com names are taken. No more 3 to 4-letter.COM domains are no longer available.
  • It should accurately reflect your brand. Your domain = your brand
  • Your brand is who you are, your most valuable asset. So don’t confuse your market.

The Right domain can drive traffic. Why?

  • Google considers (puts heavy weight) on IP and regional relevance on SERPs.
  • SE’s deliver country-specfic search results via: IP location, server location, and Domain name
  • Most Phil websites are hosted in the US. With a .ph domain, Google identies your site as Phil-based.
  • Safe to say: .ph domains are likely to show up in Phil search results rather than .com domain.

Protecting your Brand:

  • buying the domain is also a way to protect your trademark
  • registering variations = greater protection and more traffic


  • Shorter domains are better in recall
  • Get domains that fit your brand
  • Registering the domain protects your trademark
  • Register variations of your brand names (domain names) to protect you and drive more traffic to your site.

Earning from domain names:

  • Domaining is the business of buying, developing, and selling domain names
  • the value of domain names has grown steadily increasing
  • Domain Parking: the easiest way to get started
  • Parking companies will provide ads relevant to your domain name, when sombody clicks on the ad, you earn bucks.
  • Generic domain names make the most money (i.e. beaches.ph)
  • Auctions can help you earn from selling domains

Domaining Tips:

  • Anticipate trends
  • Anticipate buyers
  • Price it well – realistic
  • leran to let go – no feelings/sentiments attached