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Moving away from Mechanical to Marketing in SEO Approach April 8, 2009

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Web agencies need to realize that SEO now is more “marketing” than “mechanical”. Gone are the days when blackhatters can trick the search engines by implementing suspicious codes. The link builder who mechanically submits to a several hundred link directories, link farms, etc are fading in the picture. SEO now is relevance, social media, branding, online reputation, networking, link baiting, etc.

This does not mean taking work opportunities away from web developers. It is simply being the middle ground for both the technical people, the marketing people, and the business owner 🙂

Here are some simple pointers you can implement once the “mechanical” part of SEO is completed:

Sponge Bob tells us of SEO Marketing

Sponge Bob tells us of SEO Marketing

The challenge now is to draft a roadmap that will allow you to maintain and update these traffic generating, marketing initiatives. You would have to set your metrics a little differently this time. Check for number of Facebook group member for example, as a reflection of your “brand advocates”. Engage with people. Engage them with your brand. Let them tell you about their “brand experience” , as well. That’s good marketing – brand building using engagement-based advertising. Ultimately, you would want to watch the effects on your conversion numbers, also. The key here is to establish a platform or system that’ll measure your marketing efforts.

Conversion matters too.

Conversion matters too.


Monetizing Tier 2 PPC Search Traffic by Hans Koch of Syndeo Media September 10, 2008

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One of my favorite Internet Marketing speaker (and a secret crush, too! Hihi) is Mr. Hans A. Koch. He spoke of coping with changes in the PPC landscape – particularly Google Adwords and the now popular Facebook paid campaign program.

Google Adwords changes in:

Quality Score

Quality Score will be calculated at the time of each search query. What’s the implication? There is some history reset, changes in local pay per click campaigns, and all in all, it leads to closer (and better) real cost of top keyword positions. You get better data, in other words, when there are Quality Score changes.

Google Suggest Launch

The newly launched Google Suggest shows number of search result listing for each keyword (in short, the number of competition for a search marketer to beat). It’s a bit less useful that the Google Adwords keyword External Tool, but this one is more beneficial to the user.

Why is that? This new Google Suggest shows more data for short keyphrase queries (thus more results for such terms when you search them online). It’s a bit of a let-down for targeting long-tails where more marketers are in love with  

How do you cope up with this? Refine your negative keyword list. Also, you can slow down on banking on your common misspelled keywords as these are not being recommended anymore in Google Suggest. Google corrects these queries, anyway  All in all, you get a new top 10 list of keywords to target for PPC.

Microsoft Cash Back

This fairly new paid campaign platform is great for commercial/e-commerce sites. Consumers get up to 62.5% cash back when purchasing via this paid ads. Google Adwords on the other hands, show more of the informational ads. Microsoft cash back has less of this kind. Let’s watch out how this platform goes well for online shoppers.  An oh, by the way, this platform has higher conversion rates for search marketers.

Facebook Paid Advertising

When a bulk of your target audience is on Facebook, it’s profitable for you! What’s great about social networks is that you have user demographics at your disposal. It’s also highly targeted (targeting by region, etc). It almost has the same Dashboard as that of Adwords’. Adult industries/dating companies, and travel & hotel industries are perfect for Facebook Advertising.