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How to Optimize Pages for better Visibility June 10, 2008

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It’s been a while since I’ve made a post here at SEOnotes. As usual, the busyness of life got the better of me since what? April!

Anyway for today’s post, I’ve taken down the topic of keyword optimisation on a per page basis. As a staple, SEOs are aware that it’s better to optimize your pages for 1 to 2 keywords only instead of a whole 20 of them. Why? Because your page is meant to have a focus. One proof that you have optimized your pages well, is when you see your home page, and the specific page where you are targeting a specific keyword to rank, both appearing at the same time in search results (usually one page is followed immediately by the other page in the listings).

How can you do this? You can try this technique:

Optimise your home page for your main (number 1) keyword.

Include your target keywords (of the whole website) in the body content and link it to their specific page where that keyword is in focus. Don’t forget to include these also in your footer links. Tweak CSS so links can blend with the look and feel of the design without looking like hidden text.

Optimise your pages by targeting 1-2 keywords.

Your next most important page should contain the next most important keywords. Don’t forget to link back to your home page, and the next most important page. It’s like linking to your internal pages.

Remember: When you have more of your pages appearing in the search engines (especially when they appear next to one another), you gain better visibility in the search results.