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Supplemental Pages: How to Get out of the Trap September 18, 2008

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Getting off the supplemental pages of Google is not as hard as you think. In fact, you are already indexed in the search engine, only that you have poor chances of appearing in the first three pages of the search engine results.

What do you then when you fall into this trap? Most sites falling into the supplemental pages’ trap are normally those containing duplicate content – either in meta codes or in your main body itself.

Here are three tips on how to get out of the supplemental page trap:

Create unique meta titles and descriptions.

The first thing that a search engine spider looks at in a web page is your meta tags – titles, descriptions, and keywords. If you have a generic meta titles for all your pages, chances are you will really land the supplemental page index. Revise this and make each unique for every page.

Make sure content is not duplicate.

Because Google has been growing less tolerant of spammy pages, you can’t trick them by reproducing a bunch of pages of almost the same content – keywords and all. Create writing that’s acceptable to the search engines. Craft content that is of value to your readers, and you earn more points, too.

Build links for supplemental pages.

Give authority to your site’s pages by fishing links from quality, high-PR sites. You earn more chances of being noticed by the search engine by the number of quality links pointing to you. Once your page has been revamped (getting rid of duplicates), gaining a good number of quality links will be the final shot to get out of the supplemental page trap.