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Social Media Optimization by Kevin Leversee by Design Mesh Philippines September 10, 2008

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Learn how to crowd-optimize your campaigns to reap traffic and branding benefits of a socially optimized Internet Marketing presence… in other words, Social Media Optimization 🙂

Social Media Optimization

  • Kevin notes that it’s not just gaining traffic from social media sites, but also from search engine results, as well (thanks to, tags!).
  • The Internet is a Sea of conversations. Markets are conversations.

SMO is about conversations, the desires of the users. People do not talk about your brand – they talk about their experience with your brand.


  • Also, start paying attention not just to big social media sites, but consider the smaller, more targeted ones.
  • The best way to gain benefits from social networks is to make them participate: Participate and do not Dictate.
  • In social media optimization: It’s all about DESIRE – you can’t configure users!

Social Media Optimization: Context and Purpose

Come from a user-centric design or plan.


Social Media Press Releases by Wolfgang Jaegel of Admax Plus September 10, 2008

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Social Media is conversation. It’s all about:

  • Content
  • Opinions
  • Insights
  • Experiences
  • Perspectives
  • Media

People believe more what other people, or their friends say than advertising billboards

80% of adult shoppers visit the web before making a purchase offline

YouTube comprises of 10% of web traffic

Social media release = better coverage

Make sure press release of yours is accurate

Benefits of Social Press Release:

  • Traffic to your site
  • Quality Backlinks & Mentions
  • Visibility
  • Brand Monitoring – very true. You can check what people are saying about your brand in social media sites.
Just 1 note, one has to fully monitor user comments, and have a way to moderate them to avoid being badmouthed, lambasted online – like SMART BRO? hihi!