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SEO and PPC: How to Make the Best of Both Worlds October 20, 2008

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How to Make the Best of Both Worlds

SEO versus PPC: How to Make the Best of Both Worlds

Industries are more open now than ever to both organic and paid internet marketing tactics. Businesses today are seeing the value of optimizing their official website, and launching a paid advertising campaign, as well.

Just like any marketing plan, going online deserves careful study in terms of resource allocation. There are certain tricks that might work well in one campaign, but will not in another.

Here are some fresh tips in order to get the best results out of your SEO project, and your PPC or pay-per-click campaign:

Mining your Keywords and Traffic Data

There are tons of opportunity in getting your keyword and traffic data both in SEO, and PPC. In your organic campaign for instance, which keywords are you not ranking well yet? These search terms can be covered by your paid campaign to make up for lost opportunity in SEO.

Just the same, if you have a keyword in PPC which is quite over your budget, yet is fairly attainable to rank for in SEO, then you can stop bidding for it and have it targeted in your organic campaign.

Conversion optimization for PPC

Don’t lose your money on clicks that won’t convert. The common mistake committed by advertisers is having their official web page (like the home page), as the landing page in their PPC campaign. Remember that users have a very short attention span. They want to be lead to what they are looking for immediately. Optimize your landing pages in such a way that it is only 1 to 2 clicks away from the call-to-action link or button. No distractions, no long and heavy sales pitches!

Make use of Audience Demographics

Check your Google Analytics data and see which countries and languages your visitors are coming from. Make sure this data corresponds to your language and country/region settings in pay-per-click marketing.

Take note of the information from the Adwords Learning Center:
“If an advertiser writes an ad in English and targets the Spanish language, the ad appears in English, regardless of the targeted language.”

Long-tail queries for SEO

In PPC, there is the query report that you can download. It shows the actual user search queries where your ad appears. You may not be targeting these terms in your paid campaign, but you have visibility for them. It’s a good idea to build pages (on your organic site) around these long tail search queries. You have fresher, and more content to offer that increases your visibility in the natural listings, as well.

SEO and PPC are great channels of advertising on the web. It pays to study how they can work to your advantage. The key is to know and take on the unique opportunities that each offers to boost your online advertising to the next level.



1. Palapple - October 20, 2008

Thanks for sharing. Search engine optimization is indeed one of the most crucial areas in Internet marketing, it is a perfect bridge between technology and business.

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