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Driving Traffic and Authority to your Website June 25, 2007

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Driving traffic is a way easier task for SEOs today due to the advent of several social media marketing and social networking sites. The challenge is, apart from translating this traffic into conversion, is the building of one’s authority. Google’s parameter for this are: domain age, and number (and quality) of incoming links.

For newbies and their freshly created websites, age is time bound. The best bet is to invest on incoming links. The results may also be time bound, but at least one can do something about it while waiting.

So how does one drive traffic and authority to a website?

Tip1: Bank on optimized original content – after creating a reader-friendly content with the right combination of target phrases and related terms, it’s time to send them all to the social media sites, post ads on social networking sites, blog, and post announcements on classifieds. Don’t forget to inform other bloggers by commenting onto their blogsites, and posting messages to your communities at mybloglog.com

Tip 2: Link to authority sites – inbound links can now be as important as out going links by mentioning links of the industry’s honored authorities. That way, it will appear to Google that you are part of that community of legitimate websites. Also, dropping (and linking names) of the important personalities and figures is flattery, that will most likely win you of incoming links from them.

Tip 3: Offer Freebies – yes, do offer free content helpful to your readers. Ask them to download a file, or sign-up for a series of email containing your free content like newsletters. That way, they get an impression that you are a source of valuable information that they’d most likely return to.

Tip 4: Email the webmasters – They can be more friendly and more willing to respond to you if you send that well-written and kind email saying you like their content, and finds it relevant for your website. Most likely than not, they’ll gonna link you up if you ask them too. This can be a taxing task, but it can still work.

Tip 5: Create feature articles on Aboutus.org, or your very own profiles at various social networking sites in order to gain that branding/authority presence.

Driving traffic can be fun and easy, it builds up authority in the process too.